A worldly state of being.

Our store has been at the forefront of the latest interior design trends. For over two decades Filamento has been the convergence point for renowned design firms worldwide. We remain a company with timeless pieces even as furniture trends come and go.

While visiting us you will find a selection of distinctive pieces ranging from: upholstery, high-end fabrics, wallpapers, designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

Proud to exclusively represent leading personalities in the world of design and be the first to have a Timothy Oulton Gallery in Latin America. Timothy is Inspired by timeless, classic design and artisanship throughout the ages, he succeeds in creating pieces which combine his love of vintage, his knowledge of antiques and his desire to create innovative, relevant pieces of luxury furniture for the contemporary consumer. Likewise, we introduced Kelly Hoppen, a well-known bright English designer who merges eastern principles in simplicity and balance with a taste of the West. Theo Eichholtz from Amsterdam, perfectionist and meticulous curator of the most original objects not to mention Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams an acclaimed American Firm whose company provides a comfortable, contemporary style.

Arte, Aviva Stanoff……Filamento remains and endless world of design.