Theo Eichholtz, the man behind the brand, talks about how his company has become a success. Eichholtz a brand and a household name. From Amsterdam to New York, and from Buenos Aires to Bangkok, Eichholtz delivers lighting, furniture and home accessories.

One of the largest exporters in the interior industry in Europe, the brand offers a wide range of products for every style of living; from classical to sophisticated and from innovative design to vintage style. Each design is unmistakably Eichholtz.

After Theo finished his education, he travelled around the globe. During his journeys he saw beautiful mirrors and wooden furniture. He purchased some pieces and sold them to home furnishing shops. It was then, when his passion became his work. From China, he brought back red and black bridal chests, which became a craze in the Netherlands. He also imported bamboo furniture crafted by authentic guilds from Burma. Hablar del cromo y de su liderazgo en esa industria.

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