Recovering antiques is an unforgettable experience, where the person in charge of selecting the pieces can come to play the part of an advisor, guide, and dealer. We select each furniture that will be restored to undergo a unique process. After selection, they go through a second validation made by the association of Chinese antiques, where they corroborate its origin, period of elaboration, type of material and region. Once certified, they are handed over to a third supervisor, an expert curator, connoisseur of the ancestral techniques of elaboration in order to restore the antique.

Said process takes several months to complete, giving each piece the unique power of translating this experience, and transmitting to the owner the pleasure that comes with gaining an object that is dignified when going back in time, inviting it to join our everyday lives. Giving it a home, having such scarce knowledge of its past and what it may bring with it, we open our doors, our most intimate environments to create a new beginning. Our present becomes part of its history, and our future holds the promise of treasured memories together.

We invite you to find your piece in our collection.

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