The silky sound of silence that surrounds you, lying awake, eyes closed before the day actually start. The trembling warmth that makes you long for the embrace of a loved one, the knee-weaking power in every child's smile. All of them, seemingly ephemeral moments that move us and touch our very soul.

Filamento is connected to this reality and recognizes the eternal importance of the everyday. We know that we all crave a space and place in this world. Space, place and time are mostly about objects and moments and even though objects are an inanimate, and moments are transient,  they are undeniably part of who we are, defining our true selves, silent witnesses of our lives.

Therefore, the need to create environments is consistent with our basic reality, and for this, rather than a specialist, we need a friend. A friend who understand, that more than a customer, we are complicated individuals with tastes, needs and quirks. We want spaces that define us: we want objects to be the truest reflection of what we are, where we stand and what are we made of.

The value of an object is its essence, and essence is not, never could be, a replica. Just like we are unique, irreplicable beings.

Filamento is a gallery that has the knowledge acquired by experience through the years. Our passion is design, our engine, the people who enjoy the good life and profess an irreductible appreciation for what is real.

We nurture a sense of timelessness that keeps us valid. This privilege is granted by the friendship we have grown with each of the designers we represent. The relationship of trust that binds us with recognized visionaries in the world of design, endorse us as spokesmen of what happens design-wise globally, well beyond trends and fads.

We are honest curators, true to the beautiful... passionate about the authentic, the real, the exclusive; and this is priceless. Feeling this alive is priceless

Opening a window to let the sun and the Mediterranean scent hit you straight on the face is something you can only feel if you're in the Mediterranean. The experience of passing through The Medina in Tangier's purple sky, is something that can only be experienced on African soil. The crucial scent of the atmosphere in Filamento, is something you can breathe, only if you are here. Welcome.